Fiscal Sustainability Study

At the March 8, 2011, City Council meeting, the Council approved a contract with Management Partners, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive and strategic sustainability study. The outcome of this project will be a plan with practical results that can be implemented on a phased basis.

The City of Fremont retained Management Partners because the firm has helped other large cities create financial sustainability plans, which have been successfully implemented, including the City of Sacramento and the City of San Jose. The firm’s consultant team have both analytical capacity and a broad knowledge of the best practices being implemented by other cities to address structural budget deficits.

The Strategic Sustainability Study was presented to the City Council at their regularly scheduled meeting on July 26, 2011.

City staff returned to Council on October 4, 2011 with an implementation plan ("the Sustainability Study Actin Plan"), which proposed 15 recommendations for implementation and 18 recommendations for further analysis.