Dance Instructors

Vanae Basso
Tap Dancing for Seniors

Mrs. Venae started dance at age five in tap, jazz, and acrobatics. 
She continued classes for nine years and then went on to ballroom 
in her late teens which has allowed her to teach for Arthur Murray 
Studios. During that time she and her partner performed as the floor 
show in several dinner clubs in the Bay Area. Mrs. Venae has owned 
a Couple Ballroom dance studio in Hayward and has acted as the 
dance director at her church for twenty years. She has trained in 
private studios and began teaching for the City of Fremont in 2006. 
Mrs. Venae's classes are for the over fifty groups. Her classes are 
invited to perform for various organization including senior centers 
and care facilities.

Jessica Gurule
Youth classes in Ballet, Jazz and Tap

Ms. Jessica has been an instructor and aide for the dance department
for about 2 years. She teaches and aids all ages from 3 year olds to 
adult. Ms. Jessica has danced and competed in competitions for two 
different studios over the span of 16 years. In her last competition 
(Starbound Competition in Lake Tahoe 2010) she and her group were
the grand champions. Ms. Jessica has taken ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop
and many other types of dance. She hope to see you in her class!

Vaishnavi Misra (bio coming soon)

Youth Bollywood

Dana Roy (bio coming soon)
Youth Jazz and Hip Hop


Mikaela Silva

Pre-school and Children's classes in Ballet & Tap 

Ms. Mikaela has been dancing for 13 years. She teaches Dancing 
Darlings for Tots and the Glee class for youth, and assists beginning 
and intermediate ballroom, as well as belly dance. She likes to do all 
types of dancing and has experience in tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, belly 
dance, Portuguese folklore and ballroom. Ms. Mikaela is inspired to 
dance because she has been dancing since she was little and she 
thinks it’s a fun and energetic way to stay in shape. 

Janice Sung
Hula Dance for Youth

Janice is the City of Fremont's Hula Instructor. She has performed 
Polynesian dances ranging from Auana hula, Maori, and Tahitian for 
nearly 10 years. Ms. Janice teaches Hula recreationally and is 
inspired to encourage her students to find grace in hula towards 
healthy bodies and minds. Her classes have fun with learning hula 
the Hawaiian way and end our sessions with a sweet aloha, luau style!

Tia Washington (bio coming soon)
Dance for Tots and Youth

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