Tree Policy Guidelines

Tree Policy Guidelines CoverFremont's Tree Policy Guidelines is an educational tool for gaining a knowledge base in tree care and learning about Fremont’s Tree Preservation Ordinance. With this knowledge our urban forests can enjoy a healthier future through better quality care as well as increased community awareness and appreciation.

Full Version

The Tree Policy Guidelines can be found here:
Tree Policy Guidelines contains detailed information about tree permits, benefits, selection, establishment, maintenance and preservation. (3.79mb, 50 pgs.)


An abridged excerpt can be found here:
The abridged version is meant to help residents quickly find out if they need a permit. Basic information on pruning and planting can also be found in this guide. (1.21mb, 20 pgs.)

Street Trees vs. Private Trees

Before working on a tree, determine whether it is a street tree or a private tree. Street trees are planted in city right-of-ways throughout the city. Knowing whether a tree is a street tree or a private tree is important as the Fremont Municipal Code regulates the care of these trees differently.

Street Tree: A tree whose trunk is within the city right-of-way area starting from the face of curb and extending 11' into a property. In many older neighborhoods the right-of-way extends only 10' in from the face of curb.

Private Tree: A tree whose trunk is completely outside of the city right-of-way area.

                                 Is it a Street Tree or Private Tree?
   Is a Tree Removal Permit Required? Removing a Private Protected Tree
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 Removing a Street Tree  Obtaining a Pruning Permit
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