What is Counselors in Training (CIT)?

About the Program

Counselors in Training will get a similar work experience as do Fremont part-time staff, complete with training and held to the same standards, though on a volunteer basis. A great way to gain valuable skills to add to your resumes and college applications! Activities include training workshops and volunteering at a camp program. For more information, call Jeff Giacoletto at (510) 790-5545 or email


Besides the training workshops, the CIT Program also incorporates an opportunity to volunteer within your community as an important member of several programs. Volunteers will assist staff with providing activities for participants that are described. CITs will have the opportunity to lead games, supervise children, learn from Fremont camp staff, and gain experience while having fun!

Why Should I Volunteer?  

It is ideal for those of you trying to get all of your service learning/community service hours done for high school in a short period of time. Of course, it is also good to get hours that you can count as unpaid work experience when you are ready to apply for a part time job somewhere or if you are wanting to show additional volunteer work for a college resume.

What Do I Get Out of It?

When you volunteer, you earn community service/service learning hours for school and further develop your community pride for Fremont. You will also learn skills for your future career and at the same time meet and make new friends. We will help you keep track of your hours, award you a certificate of completion, and have a celebration party for a job well done! Information about this celebration will be emailed to you a month prior to the selected date. Many current and past Fremont camp staff have gone through the CIT program. This isn't to say that just because you're in CIT you'll get a job in Recreation but you will gain the valuable experience at a young age that may lead to a paid position. Workshop topics cover: time management, properly filling out an application, how to do well in an interview, camp programming (leading games, songs, etc), personal development, and goal setting to name a few workshops.  

Program Fee

Why is there a $149 fee associated with this program? If we could we wouldn't charge anything but in order to make this opportunity happen for you, we need to. It is a short term, intensive program with a college-student mentor and other supervisory staff - and we are guaranteeing you placement for a minimum of 20 hours for half-day camps and a minimum of 35 hours for full-day camps (maybe more depending on the program). In addition to administrative costs, you will receive a t-shirt and other goodies, as well as the Presidential Volunteer Service Award only available through a limited number of agencies. Program participants must contact Alvaro for this award. 

Scholarship Opportunities

You may qualify for a program scholarship if you are a Fremont resident and get free lunch at school or your parents get financial assistance for your family's PG&E or phone bill. For more information, contact Registration Desk at 510-494-4300 or via email.