Meet Our Teachers

The City of Fremont Tiny Tot Program has over five hundred participants. These participants spend their days with fantastic teachers who go above and beyond to make sure that each child succeeds in their classrooms. Take a closer look at all of our wonderful teaching staff that create such a magical learning environment.
Teacher Grace Kou
I was born in Taiwan, and have lived in Fremont for the past 15 years. My husband Jay and I have two sons, Alan (17) and Bailey (15), both of whom attended the City of Fremont Tiny Tot Program many years ago. I have an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Second Language. This is my 8th year with City of Fremont, and I am so proud to be part of this great community. During my time off, I enjoy making teaching props for class circle time, dining out, and watching movies. I am always amazed by the wonder and excitement that the children possess, and I look forward to guiding them and motivating them in a positive manner.
Teacher Grace teaches Enrichment, Pre-K and Pre-K Literacy at Irvington Community Center.
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Teacher Madina Vicki Quddus

I have been working as a Teacher since 2006 with the City of Fremont Tiny Tot Preschool Program, with two years of experience prior to that with the Fremont Unified School District and private daycare provider. I am married to my handsome husband, Ebrahim Quddus, and I have two awesome children, Yusuf (14) and Musa (12). My family brings joy and excitement every moment of my life. My hobbies include camping, hiking, and going to different places in nature. I also love to take dance classes in my free time. I think working with young children is challenging and exciting all at the same time! It is a rewarding job, filled with enjoyment. The greatest reward as a pre-school teacher is the smiley faces of the children, the hugs that I receive, and the compliments from the parents. Children always remember their first school and their first teacher. I am proud to be a child’s first teacher and provide a safe and nurturing environment.
Teacher Vicki teaches Pre-K and Enrichment at Centerville Community Center.
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Teacher Sheetu Shakya

I grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal which is located between India and China. This area is known for Mount Everest. Sheetu has been in the Fremont area since 2003. I live with my husband and twelve year old son. I began a career with the City of Fremont and the Tiny Tot Program in 2004. One of my biggest inspirations in becoming a teacher was my mother who taught Kindergartners in Nepal with great passion and love. I enjoy working with preschool age students because they are the foundation to our future and it is important to teach them to have a positive impact on society, preserve the Earth and to be creative. Every day is a new adventure with all the enlightened children and their fresh perspectives and desire for learning. Their bright and beautiful minds never cease to amaze and inspire me!
Teacher Sheetu teaches Enrichment, Pre-K and Pre-K Literacy at Los Cerritos Community Center.

Teacher Sonal Parikh

I have been teaching with the City of Fremont Tiny Tot Preschool Program for three years. The Tiny Tot Preschool Program has been a real pleasure, as it is a good balance of standard teaching and expressing creativity at its fullest. Collectively, I have been teaching children and preschoolers for 10 years. I have taught children in many different environments and strongly believe that children learn through play and structured guidance. I particularly enjoy teaching young children because they are like sponges and curious to learn about everything around them.
Teacher Sonal teaches Enrichment and Pre-K Literacy at Centerville Community Center Playground Building.
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Teacher Heather Ponce


Heather Ponce received her BA degree in ChAD from San Jose State University in May 2006. She currently worked for SJSU Associated Students Child Development Center for 12 years. Heather gained her experience while starting as a Floater Teacher, as well as being a Lead Teacher for Preschool and then Infants and Toddlers. She also obtains a Site Supervisor California Teaching Permit.  Heather lives in Sunnyvale and is married with two children, Sophia (13) and Mateo (4). 

Teacher Ellen teaches Enrichment, Pre-K, Pre-K and Literacy at Niles Program Center.

Teacher Reem Khalifa

I am married to Ahmed and have four wonderful children Omar (26), Sumayah (25), Duaa (24) and Idris (19). I have been working with preschool age children since 1999 and with the City of Fremont Tiny Tot Program since July of 2001. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Certificate in Early Childhood Development from Ohlone a Certificate in Early Childhood Development from Ohlone College. My curriculum focuses on merging learning through play. I like to include a wide range of concepts like teaching social skills through interactions with other classmates, and pre-math concepts through counting objects and finger play. Furthermore, my teaching includes learning science concepts through senses, building self-esteem through show and tell, and many more learn and play activities. I enjoy spending time with my family, and taking care of my children. Watching my children grow is why I decided to become a preschool teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing them learn and develop when they were younger, and wanted to take that passion further. Now that they are all older, working as a preschool teacher provides a place for me to help children learn and grow.
Teacher Reem teaches Enrichment and Pre-K at Warm Springs Community Center.
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Teacher Nena Ann Jensen

I have been working with the City of Fremont Tiny Tot Preschool Program for five years, and with preschool age children since I can remember! While in high school I worked for Sunny Hills Childhood Development Center for two years and then Familiar Footsteps while attending San Jose City College. After Familiar Footsteps, I worked with the Tri-Cities Children's Center for eight years, Parkmont Day School for two years, and then Fremont Christain for 8 years.
I have been married to my wonderful husband Joel for 14 years. I enjoy sewing, making jewelry, reading, arts and crafts, and doing craft shows with my family and friends. I teach preschool because I have a joy and passion for working with young children. I feel that if I can just make a difference in at least one child's life then I know that I have made all the difference in the world!
Teacher Nena teaches Parent & Child Preschool at Centerville Community Center and Irvington Community Center.
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Teacher Sarala Moyya

I am passionate about working with little children. I have been working with the City of Fremont for almost eight years. I am very pleased to work both as an aide and a teacher in different centers. I am also a teacher for both Phonics and Math classes at the Irvington Community Center. I used to work as a tutor for Kumon and Math Squared Education Centers. Lately, I enjoy tutoring middle school and high school students in Biology (Science).
Teacher Sarala teaches Math and Phonics at Irvington Community Center.

Wing Ko

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. My childhood dream was to become a teacher because throughout the years I met many good teachers who’ve inspired my life. My dream became reality in 2001. I started my teaching career after graduating from the University of Education in Hong Kong. I studied at Ohlone College in 2010 - 2013 to obtain my Certificate of Vocal Music Performance. In the meantime, I was volunteering to teach music at Bunker Elementary school in Newark, California.

I am married to my wonderful husband’s Anthony, and we have a precious daughter named Breanna. I have lived in Fremont for the past 10 years and I am in my second year working for the City of Fremont Tiny Tots Program. I am so excited that I can be part of the Tiny Tots team, surrounded by all the amazing people from our community. Currently, I’m teaching the Parent Child classes, and aiding in the math class. I am passionate in teaching all children through singing, storytelling, making crafts, fun projects, and activities. By looking at their smiles and curious faces it makes me enjoy teaching our Tiny Tots so much. In my spare time I like to go to different places exploring with my family. I also love playing piano, singing, painting, photographing, and cooking for my family and friends.

Teacher Wing teaches Parent Child and Math classes.