School Break Day Camps

Day Camps
School Breaks are a wonderful time to pursue an interest, develop a skill or just have fun! Whether you are looking for a traditional 'Just for Fun!' camp, Academic Enrichment, one of our Sports, Art, Special Interest or Cooking camps, we think you will find just the right one for your child!

Camps vary in length from a couple of hours a day to full day. Many have Extended Care options.

Participant Emergency Information
The Participant Emergency Information Form is designed to keep your child safe by pre-identifying authorized caregivers for pick-up. It also provides us with current contact and medical information, and informs us about special conditions. The emergency form is required for all camps. Complete one for each child, sign it, and make multiple copies for every camp your child will attend.
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Central Park Summer Camp Grid

Plan your child's summer at Central Park! 
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