Classes for youth are designed as a coed program for all levels of play and are taught by our certified volleyball instructors, who have experience teaching and coaching at all levels! Jr. High, High School, Club teams, and Collegiate teams. You name it they've done it!

The goal of these classes is to fine tune basic volleyball techniques and build confidence in young athletes so they can compete at a more competitive level.

6th-7th grades We will focus on how to pass, set, and spike in a fun atmosphere. It is our goal to create an encouraging environment for each individual to improve their skills and understand the role of each player on a team. It is structured so participants become proficient at the basics and can apply them in real game situations. Our hopes are to excite young people about volleyball and prepare them with the confidence to compete at their grade level.

8th-9th grades If you are dedicated, and want to further your volleyball skills then this class will help. We focus on refining the basic skills and adapting to some more progressive skills to build a stronger foundation of volleyball for each individual player. Whether you are trying to compete at the high school level or even club, this class will introduce you to the necessary skills needed. This class will help with that by putting it all together, skills you have learned, learning the mental aspects of the game, and team concepts! We will mix in some practice drills and lots of actual game time with great instructional tips.

For more information, call Joe at 510-494-4334.

Summer Camps
Can you dig it? Summer Camps are typically specialized into progressive segments geared for ages 10-14 years to help them learn the full scope of volleyball. Camps are designed for all levels of volleyball, and players will be divided up by experience, age and friendships. Players will review the basics, have sufficient practice time during the camps to perfect these skills and continue to improve on their individual skill base.

You can register online at www.regerec.com. Just click on Activities and then click on Sports - other in the box to the left. Then scroll down to the volleyball classes.

For more information, please call Joe at 510-494-4334 or Email.