Tiny Tots (Preschool) Classes

Program Information
Tiny Tots is an enrichment, preschool program operated by the City of Fremont, Recreation Services Division. The Program serves children 12 months to 6 years of age. Enrollment is open to the public, and children are admitted to the program without regard to race, color, creed, or sex.

The enrichment program, through fun-filled activities, seeks to enhance the child's social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Activities include supervised play, singing, computer games, puppetry, story-time, discussion of themes, special events, motor movement, field trips, and much more.

Program Philosophy
To present to the children activities that will foster their growth and development, encourage their curiosity, expand their interests, and help them to recognize all of their potential.

Benefits of Program
Through a classroom setting, your children will experience an environment and curriculum that will stimulate your child's physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and creative growth, all while fostering your child's self-esteem and developing a joy of learning. 

Our goal is to introduce age-appropriate skills and activities that prepare children for a successful transition into kindergarten. These skills provide an introduction to math concepts, pre-reading skills, letter recognition, phonics, and pre-writing in fun and playful ways.

For more information about the Tiny Tots program, email or call Katie Fox at 510-494-4349.

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