Electronic Solar Photovoltaic or Power Storage Unit Permits

Small Residential Roof Mounted Solar Systems and Power Storage Units

Roof mounted photovoltaic systems 10 kilowatts or less and power storage units will be reviewed electronically.
  • Applicant reviews checklist.
  • Applicant emails application and drawings in PDF format to solarpermits@fremont.gov.
  • Staff perform plan check and if plans are approved, a credit card authorization form is provided. If plans are not approved, comments are sent back to the applicant. Typically, the turnaround time is three (3) business days.
  • Fees are paid when the permit is approved and ready to be issued.
Solar roof small

Large Residential Solar Permits and Commercial Solar Permits

Roof Mounted Photovoltaic System Exceeding 10 Kilowatts, Ground Mounted Systems, and Commercial Solar Permits  
  • Follow Electronic Plan Check Review procedures here.