East Bay Regional Park District
The East Bay Regional Park District has many local scenic areas, hiking, biking, and walking trails. Fremont in particular has many wonderful trails for nature lovers and hikers.

New Park Hours at Mission Peak Regional Preserve

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Over the past several years, Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont has seen a huge increase in visitors, especially at the Stanford Avenue staging area. The heavy visitor use and overflow parking have impacted the neighborhood as well as caused severe trail degradation and soil erosion in this part of the preserve. To address the situation, the East Bay Regional Park District is instituting new park hours beginning Monday, September 29.

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Mission Peak Regional Preserve
About four hours are required to reach the summit and return for the average hiker. The trail head to Mission Peak is accessible from several parking lots at Ohlone College (a slightly longer, but more gradual ascent). Ohlone College parking is free on Sunday and Holidays. $2 per day Monday - Saturday until 5:00 p.m. Limited parking is also available at the Stanford Staging area at the east end of Stanford Avenue in Fremont. To avoid impacting the surrounding neighborhood streets, consider parking at Ohlone College for this very popular hike. Beginning the hike from the Stanford Staging Area trailhead is a steep climb to the summit.

Mission Peak has been described as one of the Bay Area's most underrated summits. The determined hiker who reaches its top will be rewarded with views of Mount Hamilton to the south, the Santa Cruz Mountains to the west, Mt. Tamalpais to the north, and Mt. Diablo and the Sierra Nevada to the northeast.
Mission Peak

Mission Peak Trail Restoration Project
Increased popularity and visitor use at Mission Peak has negatively affected the trails as short cuts, also known as “bootleg” trails, have been created. These bootleg trails cause erosion that damages the fragile ecosystem and create ugly scars in the landscape. Park Rangers have been working with students from Irvington High School and the Mountain Goats, a local mountain bike club on restoration of bootleg trails along the Hidden Valley Trail.

Alameda Creek Trail
Part of Coyote Hills Park, the Alameda Creek Trail follows the banks of Alameda Creek in southern Alameda County from the mouth of Niles Canyon (in the Niles District of Fremont) westward to San Francisco Bay, a distance of 12 miles. The paved south-side trail is suggested for bicyclers, hikers, joggers, and runners. The north-side trail is gravel and designated for horseback riding as well.  
Alameda Creek Trail

Coyote Hills Regional Park
Comprised of nearly 978 acres of marshland and rolling grassland covered hills, this busy park is located along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, northwest of Fremont. Visitor activities including bicycling, walking, bird-watching, jogging, nature exploration, and picnicking.
Coyote Hills Regional Park

Quarry Lakes

Located between the hills of Fremont and the Bay, Quarry Lakes is a beautiful water-oriented recreation area, which offers excellent leisure opportunities such as picnicking, boating, swimming, and fishing, but also has room for hiking and wildlife-viewing.
Quarry Lakes