Landscape Development Requirements & Policies

Landscape Requirements

The Landscape Development Requirements and Policies (LDRP) is intended for the landscape architect preparing construction documents in the form of Building Permit or Improvement Plans, or in preparing preliminary design documents in the form of a Site Plan and Architectural Review for review by the City of Fremont. Some items will require coordination with other disciplines such as civil engineer, planner, arborist or others.

The LDRP provides most of the City Code, State, and regional landscape requirements, as well as the City Standard Landscape Details for construction in the City right of way and easements.

The LDRP includes a checklist that is required with your project submittal. The checklist is designed to help you move through the permit process in the most efficient manner possible.

Download the entire Landscape Development Requirements and Policies (LDRP):
Landscape Development Requirements and Policies (1.2 MB)

Download the Landscape Development Requirements and Policies by Section:
 1.  LDRP Purpose and Definitions
 2.  Items Required with Landscape Plan Submittal
 3.  Landscape Plan Checklist
 4.  Form A: Bay-Friendly Basic Practices Checklist for Private Development
 5.  Form B: Hydrozone Table (Water Efficient Worksheet part 1 of 3)
 6.  Form C: Maximum Applied Water Allowance - MAWA (Water Efficient Worksheet part 2 of 3)
 7.  Form D: Estimated Total Water Use - ETWU (Water Efficient Worksheet part 3 of 3)
 8.  Form E: Certificate of Completion (post construction)
 9.  Form F: Certificate of Installation (post construction)
10. Sample Plan: Hydrozone Plan
11. Sample Plan: Tree Survey
12. Requesting Landscape Inspection after Construction
13. Arborist Analysis and Report Standards
14. Tree Removal Application for Non-Development Projects
15. Resources Publications and Documents
16. Landscape Standard Details (full set of 31 details) See our Standard Details pages for individual sheets. 

Tree Preservation Resources
Tree Preservation Ordinance
Tree Removal Permit Application (on-line form)