Environmental Review

Environmental Review
Determining whether a development project will create an environmental impact is an important part of the development approval process. The City of Fremont Planning Division currently processes Environmental Impact Assessments for most projects within the City.

Depending on the scope of the project and its anticipated impacts, one or more of the following documents may have to be prepared:
  • Exemption - CEQA identifies that certain projects are not subject to environmental review based on the particular type or category of proposed project. Exemptions are commonly referred to as Statutory or Categorical Exemptions.
  • Initial Study - A preliminary analysis prepared to determine whether a negative declaration or environmental impact report should be prepared
  • Negative Declaration - Statement that the project will not have or can be prevented from having a significant adverse impact on the environment
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - Detailed report that identifies potentially significant impacts which may include significant and unavoidable impacts of the project
Decisions about environmental impacts are governed by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Please review the documents below for information on each environmental review.

The following documents are provided for public review (Section 15087 of the CEQA Guidelines).  Technical appendices for the following environmental documents can be made available upon request by contacting the Project Planner.

Project Project Contact Resource
Kato Westcore Warehouse Building
Mission Palms (PLN2014-00323)
Chick-Fil-A (PLN2014-00249)
Living Spaces (PLN2015-00067)
Fremont Boulevard Widening
Warm Springs/S. Fremont Community Plan, Planning Area 4 Master Plan (Lennar)
Silevo Hazardous Materials Conditional Use Permit (PLN2015-00148)
Niles Mixed Use Project (PLN2014-00338) Special Studies
Islamic Center of Fremont (PLN2015-00001)
Peralta Crossing (PLN2014-00297)
State Street Mixed-Use Development (PLN2015-00032), 39155 State Street
Dias Residential
Alder Avenue Planned District
Beachwood Townhomes (PLN2014-00237)
Central Commons (PLN2014-00250)
Old Canyon Road Bridge Foundation
Mission Boulevard Townhomes
Shannon Townhomes
Fremont/Decoto Townhomes
Palmdale Estates
Warm Springs South Fremont
Community Plan
Draft Environmental Impact Report

(Downtown Community Plan)
  • Wayne Morris
  • (510) 494-4729
Ardenwood Historic Buildings
Demolition Project