Building Permits

Building Permit Information (Note: Upgrade to 2013 Building Standards in progress)
Building permits are the way the City of Fremont regulates construction to ensure that it is safe for occupancy or use. This is done through the review of plans and periodic inspections to verify compliance with the 2013 California Building Code and local regulations. Every permit requires a building inspection. Some common building permits are:

Building Permits are issued at the Development Services Center at 39550 Liberty Street, and can only be issued to a Licensed Contractor or a Property Owner. To verify contractor license information, visit the Contractors State License Board.

Express Permits
​The Express Counter is now available to customers applying for simple permits which do not require a plan check. Please visit the Express Permits page for information on services offered.

Permit Fees
For fee information, see the Fee Schedules.

Other Resources

CALGreen Standards: Recycling Requirements for Construction & Demolition Projects

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Upon final inspection smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors must be in place for most of these permits. Be sure to ask your Building Inspector when you schedule a building inspection