Anu Natarajan, Councilmember

Councilmember Anu Natarajan has lived in Fremont for 14 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture and a Masters degree in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington. Her professional experience includes working as an architect, public agency planner, and as an urban planning consultant.

Through a community-based planning process, she believes in creating well-designed, sustainable, and livable communities, which is essential to fostering economic growth.

Councilmember Natarajan served on the Fremont Planning Commission from January 2003 to December 2004. She volunteers with community organizations, and also enjoys exploring new cities and their architecture, meeting people, and reading.

Term Information
  • Appointed Term Began: December 27, 2004
  • Elected Term Began: December 5, 2006
  • Re-Elected Term Began: December 7, 2010
  • Term Expires: December 2014