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Link: Website
Toll-free Bay Area transportation information.
Access Alameda
Phone: (866) 901-PARA
Link: Website
Access Alameda provides a transportation resources guide for seniors and people with disabilities. This includes an overview of accessible transit services in Alameda County:
  • Information on using public transit and its accessibility features
  • Contact information for public transit agencies
  • Differences between various paratransit services
  • Program descriptions, information on eligibility, and contact numbers for paratransit programs throughout Alameda County
Services are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, large print, and audio tape.
Tri-City Taxi Voucher Program
Phone: (510) 574-2053
  • Subsidized, same-day taxi service with limited wheelchair-accessible availability
  • Taxi vouchers may be purchased for $3 each and each voucher is worth up to $12 in taxi meter fare
  • Can use multiple vouchers for a one-way ride
  • Only valid with participating taxi companies
  • Eligibility: Fremont, Newark and Union City residents who are enrolled with their respective city-operated paratransit service
This program is funded by the ACTC through Measure B.
Tri-City Travel Training Program
Phone: (510) 574-2053
  • Free workshops that teach people how to use local buses and BART
  • Workshops are open to seniors and people with disabilities residing in Fremont, Newark, or Union City
This program is funded by the ACTC through Measure B.
VIP Rides Program
Phone: (510) 574-2096
Link: Website
  • Program for seniors and people with disabilities residing in Fremont, Newark, or Union City who need destination assistance when traveling in the local community and do not have a relative, friend, or paid caregiver to assist
  • Links seniors and disabled individuals with volunteers who accompany and assist them on trips for medical appointments, grocery shopping, or errands
  • Volunteers provide transportation in their own car for persons who can walk and accompany individuals using wheelchairs on their local paratransit service
  • Destination assistance provided by volunteers include providing a steadying arm while walking, pushing a wheelchair, assisting with shopping, carrying packages, etc.
  • Application and service certification required
  • Program is operated by Life Eldercare
This program is funded by ACTC through Measure B.
Walk This Way
Phone: (510) 574-2053
  • Free 16-week fitness and education program for seniors in Fremont, Newark, and Union City
  • Program integrates walking, flexibility, strength, and balance exercises with fun games and discussion topics
  • Participants receive a workbook, free pedometer, and fitness logs; obtain training on various exercises; learn about health, nutrition, and safety; find out about local community resources; and get support from others to stay motivated and achieve their individual fitness goals
  • Program is operated by the City of Fremont’s Human Services Department and classes are taught by fitness instructors from Generations Community Wellness
  • Call for schedule of classes
Walk This Way is funded by a grant from the ACTC.
1 - 6 of 6 Listings