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What can I do about a feral cat problem in my neighborhood?
First and foremost, ensure that you and your neighbors are not providing any food source for stray cats. Do not leave food outside, even for owned pets (leftovers may attract unwanted animals) and secure trash cans. Research other exclusion methods to repel roaming cats, such as repellants and obstructing flower beds to prevent digging. If a neighbor refuses to discontinue feeding or owns a nuisance cat, you may call (510) 790-6635 to file a complaint.

Cats may be legally trapped in Fremont if the trap is placed on private property and properly monitored. Animal Services does not provide any trapping services. The trap must be of the humane box type and must be placed so that the entrapped animal is protected from the elements. It is recommended that you inform your neighbors before you set the trap to avoid trapping an owned cat. Fremont residents may rent a cat trap from the animal shelter. A $70 credit card deposit is required, and the rental fee is $8 per day. Citizens may also rent or purchase traps from local equipment rental and hardware stores.

It is the responsibility of the trapper to deliver the animal to the Tri-City Animal Shelter during regular business hours within twelve (12) hours or return the animal to its owner. Do not set the trap on weekends, as the shelter is closed Sunday and Monday. If a wild animal is accidentally trapped, it must be released on the same property by the trapper; Animal Services does not release trapped wildlife. Trapped animals cannot be transported to another site or disposed of in any other manner.

For information on TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs, please contact the East Bay SPCA or Fix Our Ferals.

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