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Are there volunteer opportunities available?

Yes, the Tri-City Animal Shelter does have Volunteer opportunities for both teens and adults.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this program and the limited number of slots, the Tri-City Animal Shelter is not accepting applications at this time.

Please be sure to check back on the Animal Shelter website for updates.

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit an application at that time to the Tri-City Animal Shelter. . Thank you for your interest.

What you can expect to do as a volunteer with the Tri-City Animal Shelter:

• General kennel upkeep (morning cleaning, afternoon spot cleaning, feeding, watering)
• Keeping empty kennels cleaned and ready for incoming animals
• Dishes
• Laundry
• Walking Dogs (must be on shelter property)
• Socializing Cats
• Socializing Rabbits

Specialized Tasks:

• Photograph animals to put on website
• File paperwork
• Call backs for lost/found animals
• Participate in adoption events/promotional events
• Assist on surgery days

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