Tips for Hiring Tree Professionals

Confirm credentials: If you are hiring a City approved tree contractor, you don’t need to worry about their eligibility to perform work. If you are selecting your own contractor for private tree work, ask the contractor to provide their licensure, proof of bonding, and ISA Certified Arborist credentials to ensure that work is performed safely, that your property is protected, and that the integrity of your tree is preserved.

Pay with a paper trail: Pay the service professional with a credit card or check, not cash. Do not make large deposits or upfront payments. Eligibility for the 50-50 Tree and Sidewalk Programs is dependent on proof of payment by check or credit card. 

Do your research: Before you hire a contractor, get 2-3 bids for the project. Read ratings and reviews and/or ask around.

Keep written records of everything: Get it in writing: permit numbers, invoices, proof of payment, before and after photos, and all project-related communication. You will need all this documentation to receive your check from the City for 50-50 Tree and Sidewalk Programs.

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7. Tips for Hiring Tree Professionals
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