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Standard Details
PLEASE NOTE:  As of February 11, 2013, Standard Details SD-2, SD-16, SD-24, SD-25, and SD-34 have been updated.

The Complete City Standard Details and Specifications

Standard Details (15 MB)
Standard Specifications (3 MB)


Symbols and Geometrics

SD-1: Map Symbols  
SD-2: Street Geometrics  

Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Storm Drains
SD-3: Type A Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk  
SD-4: Type B Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk  
SD-5: Type C Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk  
SD-6: Type D Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk  
SD-7: Miscellaneous Curb and Gutter Details  
SD-8: Score Marks Typical Spacing  
SD-9: Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Repair Methods  
SD-21: Storm Drain and Sewer Maintenance Hole  
SD-22: Storm Drain Inlet  

SD-10A: Type A Driveway Approach, Residential  
SD-10B: Type A Driveway Approach, Residential - Retrofit Only  
SD-11: Type B Driveway Approach, Commercial / Industrial  
SD-12A: Type D Driveway Approach, Case 1 - Residential  
SD-12B: Type D Driveway Approach, Case 2 - Residential  
SD-13A: Type E Driveway Approach, 10' Right of Way  
SD-13B: Type E Driveway Approach, 13' Right of Way  

SD-14: Concrete Monument  
SD-16: Concrete Bus Pad  

Barricades and Fences
SD-17: Type A Street Barricade  
SD-18: Type A Fence with Gate  
SD-19: Type B Fence  
SD-20: Type B Fence Gates  

Signs, Streetlights, Utilities, Trails, and Other Miscellaneous
SD-23: Street Name Sign and Post Details  
SD-24: Electrolier Base Detail  
SD-25: Pacific Commons Citea Electrolier  
SD-26: Utility Trench  
SD-27: Tie-In Pavement  
SD-28: Longitudinal Trench Transverse Trench  
SD-29: Cold Plane  
SD-30: Trench Backfill and Compaction Requirements  
SD-31: Rockwheel Trench  
SD-32: Backfill and AC Replacement for Utility Potholes / Windows  
SD-33: Thru Curb Drain Commercial / Industrial  
SD-34: Fire Hydrant  
SD-35: Combined Foot Trail and Bicycle Path  
SD-36: Foot and Equestrian Trail  

Landscape Planting and Tree Protection
LSD-1: Tree Planting and Staking  
LSD-2: Tree Planting with Tree Grate  
LSD-3: Shrub and Groundcover Planting  
LSD-4: Shrub and Groundcover Planting Layout  
LSD-5: Street Tree Clearances  
LSD-6: Tree Clearances  
LSD-7: Median Paving Cobble  
LSD-8: Maintenance Band  
LSD-9: Tree Protection Fencing  
LSD-10: Temporary Trunk Wrap Protection  
LSD-12: Tree and Shrub Planting at Slope  
LSD-13: Tree Planting Guide List  

Landscape Irrigation

LSD-14: Irrigation Materials


LSD-15: Irrigation Controller Cabinet with Calsense Controller

LSD-16: Irrigation Backflow Preventer Unit


LSD-17: Backflow Preventer Unit Enclosure


LSD-18: Irrigation Trench


LSD-19: Irrigation Quick Coupling Valve in Box


LSD-20: Irrigation Wire Splice


LSD-21: Irrigation Rotor or Pop-Up


LSD-22: Irrigation Gate Valve


LSD-23: Irrigation Remote Control Valve with Gate Valve


LSD-24: Irrigation Master Valve and Flow Sensor


LSD-25: Irrigation Pressure Reduction Valve


LSD-26: Irrigation Wye Strainer

Landscape Landmark Tree Details

LSD-27: Landmark Tree Plaque


LSD-28: Landmark Tree Railing


Landscape Stormwater Details

LSD-29:Stormwater Treewell (2 pages)


LSD-30:Stormwater Planter (4 pages)

LSD-31:Stormwater Trash Capture Inlet (3 pages)

TSD-1: Street Name Sign Pole Mounted  
TSD-2: Street Name Sign Mast Arm Mounted  
TSD-3: Communications Pull Box (Fiber Optic Splice Closure)  
TSD-4: Communications Pull Box No. 6  
TSD-5: Speed Lump  
TSD-6: CCTV Dome Camera Mounting