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Class Registration Information
RegeRecOnline Class Registration
The City has an online class registration system. To open an account and start registering for classes for you and your family, please visit RegeRec. If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Desk at (510) 494-4300.

Registration and Release Agreement Form
Use this form to fax your registration in to our Main Office.  Make sure you fill the form out complete and clearly so we can read it.  Fax form back to the Registration Office at (510) 494-4375. Questions? Call (510) 494-4300.

Recreation Program Guides

  Spring Guude 2014                    Summer Camps Guide
                  Spring Guide 2014                                                     Summer Camps Guide 2014

Request a Transfer and Refund Form
Complete this form to submit a refund or transfer request to RegeRec.

Other Resources

Scholarship Information 
Due to the generosity of 
local nonprofit and service organizations, the Parks and Recreation Department offers three types of program scholarships:  General Scholarships, Summer PlayCamp Scholarships, and Art Scholarships.  There is a limit for the annual amount of funding each year for each of our scholarship classifications. 

General scholarships provide $75 a year in financial assistance for a class or program offered by the Recreation Department.  (General Scholarship funds may not be applied toward the Play Camp Program.)

Summer PlayCamp scholarships 
provides up to three weeks of camps for the summer for children ages 6-12.  Camp hours are 9:30am-2:30pm. 

Art Scholarships are for ages 2-17, may apply for one (1) class, not to exceed a maximum of $75.00
per year for visual art classes (ex – drawing, painting ceramics etc).  Funds must be used prior to the use of General Scholarship funds.

The Fremont Cultural Arts Council provides monies for any class in the arts - (music, theater, fine arts, visual arts, magic, etc.)

The Olive Hyde Art Guild scholarships are for VISUAL art classes only - (drawing, painting, photography, etc.)