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Engineering Permits


The Engineering Division is responsible for receiving, processing, and issuing encroachment permits, grading permits, subdivision maps, and subdivision improvement plans.  Listed below are the Engineering applications that are typically requested by the public.  If you have questions or if you need more information, please contact the Engineering Division at (510) 494-4700.

All Engineering applications require that you complete an Engineering Application Form, except Tree Removal Permits
.  Additionally, an Impervious Surface Area, Stormwater Treatment and Hydromodification Measures Form may be required.


Permit Information


  • Encroachment Permits are required for construction within the public right-of-way, including public streets, sidewalks, driveways, or easements.


  • Grading Permits may be required for grading, building, or other construction projects.



  • Other City Permits – There are several permits processed by the City of Fremont.  Please refer to the City’s website for information on Permits issued by other Departments and Divisions.

Insurance Requirements:  Encroachment permits, grading permits, and subdivision construction permits typically include a requirement that the contractor or applicant provide proof of insurance (liability, automobile, and workers’ compensation)