Bidding on Services, Supplies, Equip. & IT

The City of Fremont (City) has partnered with PeriscopeS2G to post, distribute and then to receive electronic responses to City’s solicitations. We are excited to utilize this innovative advance in electronic commerce. Please register as a prospective supplier to obtain information on open solicitations from the City.

By clicking the "Register" link below you will be forwarded to the PeriscopeS2G website where you will be provided instructions on how to register as a prospective supplier. By registering with PeriscopeS2G you will be recognized as a supplier that is interested in doing business with the City and you will be able to receive email notice of City’s bidding opportunities and then respond electronically. There is no charge to receive notice about or respond to City’s solicitations. By registering with PeriscopeS2G you will also have access to bidding opportunities from other public sector agencies, if you choose.

Register at PeriscopeS2G