Paramedic Tax

Paramedic Special Tax
Property owners in Fremont receive property tax bills that include the City's paramedic special tax.

The paramedic special tax is a voter-approved tax used to fund the Fire Department paramedic program. It is used for training, equipment, and supplies. It appears on your property tax bill as Paramedic Supplement. The tax was approved on June 3, 1997 by more than 80% of Fremont's voters.

Tax Information

Property owners in Fremont are subject to the special tax. The tax is added onto your annual property tax bill. 

The tax is based on a benefit unit. A single-family home is one benefit unit, a supermarket is four benefit units, etc. The tax rate for a single family home is $15.00. 

If you have a problem on your tax bill, please contact the Fremont Fire Department at 510-494-4200.