Juvenile Fire-Setter Prevention Program

About the Program
The purpose of the Fremont Fire Department's Juvenile Fire-Setter Prevention Program is to reduce the incidence of arson fires set by minors. Approximately 80% of people arrested for the crime of arson are juveniles.

The Juvenile Fire-Setter Prevention Program is available to all citizens of Fremont. For more information, contact the Fremont Fire Administration at 510-494-4200.

Enrolling Your Child
There are two methods. The first is through a volunteer referral where a parent or adult guardian realizes a problem exists and refers the child to the Fremont Fire Department for assistance. The child is screened to understand the extent of the situation, through a process that is approved by the National Fire Protection Association.

The second method is through referral from the Juvenile Court Diversion Program, made available through an agreement with the Fremont Police Department and the Alameda County Juvenile Court. Children between the ages of eight and 18 are referred to the court by a fire investigator for setting a willful and/or malicious fire. The Program includes fire safety education and fire-related consequences. After completion of the classes, community service hours will be given. The Juvenile Justice System can only be avoided upon completion of the Fremont Police Diversion Program.