Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division administers more than 30 garbage, recycling, and stormwater programs for Fremont residents and businesses. 
New Carts

New Garbage, Recycling, and Organics Carts Coming Soon!

Fremont will be getting a fresh look starting in Spring 2019, when new garbage, recycling, and organics carts arrive throughout the city.  New carts will replace older carts that are faded and worn out.  The new carts also meet the updated standard color theme: black for garbage, blue for recycling, and green for organics/compost.  New carts will be the same size as your current garbage, recycling and organics carts.  Each neighborhood will be notified in advance about when cart delivery will take place. 

For more information, contact Republic Services at 510-354-2416.


Have an item that you want to dispose of but you're not sure where? You can utilize StopWaste.org's RecycleWhere tool to find out!

Recycling Processing Fee

After careful analysis of changes in global recycling markets and the impacts on the City’s recyclables processing contract, the Fremont City Council approved a new recycling processing fee of $1.50 per month for residential units.  The fee went into effect September 1, 2018.

Recycling end markets have enacted new quality standards that require additional processing to remove all trash and non-recyclable contaminants.  The added effort to meet the new standards has increased processing costs significantly.  Additionally, the overall decline in demand for recyclables has resulted in an excess of available paper and plastics.  This glut has resulted in dramatically lower pricing and steeply declining revenues that have typically helped pay for the processing costs of our mixed recyclable materials.

Since Fremont’s solid waste collection rates have not included a fee for the processing of recyclables, and revenues no longer fund the full cost of sorting and recovering materials, a recycling processing fee was necessary to maintain this important waste reduction program.  The fee allows Fremont residents to continue recycling at the curb each week, and insures quality standards are being met so that our recyclables are accepted by the marketplace where they can be manufactured into new products.

For more information contact the Environmental Services Division at (510) 494-4570.