Art in Public Places

The City of Fremont and the Fremont Cultural Arts Council have teamed up to develop an interactive online map, providing a virtual tour of more than 40 pieces of art located throughout the city. The map is divided into the Community Plans Areas as discussed in the General Plan.

The table below the map includes art divided by areas within Fremont.

If you know of additional art in Fremont public places that is not included on this map, send an email to the Fremont Cultural Arts Council.

Fremont Planned Communities Map

Area Pieces of Art
Baylands Butterfly Gate
Butterfly Tile Mural
Bayside Industrial Acrobats
Chang Horse
Golden Heron
Red Abstract Sculpture
Red and Grey
Sky Dancers
Solar Semaphore
Centerville Centerville Presbyterian Church
Diatonic Degrees
Fire Station #6 Unified Will
Fire Station #8 Tiles
Haller Pharmacy Tile
McGinnis Mural
Men at Work
Presbyterian Cemetery Monument
Central Bear and Cubs
Bear Hunt
Birdbath with Children
California Wildlife
Canada Geese
Children in Tree
Dream Time
Dream Voyage
Fire Station #9 Phoenix
Fremont BART Benches
Gates Fountain
Girl and Wheelbarrow
Harmony of Shape
Hildreth Fountain
Native Risers
Safeway Hub Tile Mural
Silver Sails
Sous la Mer Joie de Vie
Turning Point
Wall of Honor
Irvington Amend

Old Presbyterian Cemetery
St. Francis of Assisi
Mission San Jose Apollo and Daphne
Fire Station #4 Fremont Fire Fighters
Niles ACWD Alameda Creek Mural
Chaplin Mural
Fire Station #2 Metal Filmstrip
Niles Street Signs
Niles Train Sculpture
Niles Zoetrope Fountain
The Messenger
North Fremont Hippocrene Fountain
South Fremont Eternal Flame
Flame of Inspiration
Warm Springs First Station #5 Flight IV