Diatonic Degrees

Centerville Community Center, 3355 Country Drive.

“Diatonic Degrees” by Ron Rodgers, a cast concrete sculpture. The piece was a fountain when first installed. The human figures discernable in the sculpture were formed by Mrs. Rodgers and a friend lying in the mold material. Owned by City of Fremont.

Ron Rodgers explained that the diatonic scale in music refers to the order of intervals in major and minor scales, and degrees are like steps or stages relative to the intensity in something. Mr. Rodgers wanted his sculpture to express “The stage of intensity that is experienced between points in time that break the continuity of life’s course.”

Mr. Rodgers earned the degree of Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture, from San Francisco State University. For a time, he instructed sculpture students at Ohlone College.

The “Fountain of Hippocrene,” and “Apollo and Daphne,” are also works by Mr. Rodgers.