Flight IV

Fire Station #5, 55 Hackamore Street at Warm Springs Blvd.

Flight IV (dog and ladder) by Lori Kay, cast bronze, located at Fire Station #5, 55 Hackamore Street and Warm Springs Blvd. Owned by the City of Fremont.

When installed, the dog sculpture created some controversy. According to a San Jose Mercury News article dated 6/9/92, many people did not like the sculpture. One fireman was quoted in the article as saying “They should have left it as a nice warm dog going up a ladder. They shouldn’t have blown it up.”

Flight V, a cast fiberglass wall relief, also done by Lori Kay, is located inside the fire station.

Lori Kay received a B.A. in Art and Art History from the University of California at Santa Cruz with further study at the University of Geneva and Basel Gymnasium, Switzerland, after which Miss Kay spent a year as an apprentice in the foundries and marble yards of Pietrasanta, Italy.