Fire Station #6 Unified Will

Centerville Fire Station #6, 4355 Central Ave.

"Unified Will" by Michael Clapper is an 8-foot carved Indiana limestone disc. The outer edges are carved to look as if the sculpture is made from 75 segments to honor the number of years this particular department utilized the service of volunteer firefighters. As individual segments reach the center, the stone flares outward toward the front and back of the piece, forming the outside borders of a negative space. This space is in the silhouette of an abstracted Maltese cross, the badge of honor and symbol of protection worn by all firefighters willing to give their lives for the public. Located in front of Fire Station No. 6 at the corner of Center Street and Dusterberry.

Educated in design at the Wendell Castle School in Rochester, NY, Michael Clapper now focuses on creating contemporary public and residential sculpture. Teaching experience includes Genoa School for Design in Ithaca, NY and at Metropolitan State College in Denver, CO.

Artist's philosophy: "My work, created mostly from carved stone and fabricated steel, tells its story through a visual language ... minimal styling and use of natural materials can evoke a sense of timelessness."

Owned by City of Fremont.