Fire Station #9 Phoenix

Fire Station #9, 39609 Stevenson Place, next to Central Park.

"Phoenix" by James T. Russell, is a polished stainless steel sculpture. Mr. Russell said of his sculpture, "The Phoenix, a mythical bird, rose from ashes, symbolizing the strength and courage to overcome setbacks, and I wanted to express that spirit." The Santa Fean magazine in 1992 quoted Mr. Russell about the reflections in his steel sculptures: "Walk up and see yourself; you become one with it." Mr. Russell takes no mechanical shortcuts to polish his work; all polishing is done by hand. Owned by City of Fremont.

When 12, Mr. Russell won a fire safety poster contest. This event changed his life and steered him toward a career as an artist. Mr. Russell earned his M.A. in Sculpture and his M.F.A. in Monumental Sculpture at California State University at Long Beach.