Harmony of Shape

At corner of Mowry and Paseo Padre Parkway, Washington Hospital Shopping Center parking area

"Harmony of Shape" is a stainless steel fountain, designed by Mario Chiodo, Oakland; Carlos Parrague, San Francisco, was Project Manager. Contrary to popular speculation, the structure does not represent question marks. The shapes are symbolic of the hospital logo, a heart. Privately owned.

Carlos Parrague graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Architecture and is a registered architect.

Mario Chiodo, a native of Oakland, attended the Renaissance Art School for gifted children and discovered a passion for sculpting. Trained in the style of the great European masters, Mr. Chiodo likes to sculpt artwork that tells stories. Mr. Chiodo is well known for his large sculpture "Remember Them: Champions for Humanity" installed in Oakland's Uptown district. He also created Niles Train sculpture located at Mission Boulevard and Mowry Avenue and Men at Work for Dale Hardware at 3700 Thornton Ave.