Niles Zoetrope Fountain

The fountain is located in the civic plaza in Niles.

"Zoetrope Fountain" is a collaborative process between RRM Design Group, Oakland; Ann Baker Landscape Architecture, Emeryville; and Scientific Art Studio, Richmond.

The fountain, located in the civic plaza in Niles, has six round steel wheels with slits through which images seem to move when the wheels are spun…an early version of 'moving pictures'. Scenes inside each wheel commemorate the early history of Niles, including silent actors Chaplin, Broncho Billy and Ben Turpin, the nursery industry, and the transcontinental railway termination in Niles. Charlie Chaplin's film 'The Tramp' was shot in nearby Niles Canyon.

A chemical acid turns the steel black when applied. The fountain is owned by City of Fremont.
Detail of Niles Zoetrope Fountain - Ben Turpin