City of Fremont Internships
Are you interested in an internship with the City of Fremont?  The Human Resources Department maintains a bank of potential interns to match with suitable assignments as they become available.  In order to join the applicant pool, please submit your resume and cover letter, or a written description of your background and interest in a City of Fremont Internship to or fax to 510-494-4659.  Please note that internships with the City of Fremont are generally unpaid. 

Submission Requirements
Make sure that your submission includes all of the following information:
  • Specific skills or qualifications that you want the City of Fremont to consider.
  • The area that you would like to work in.
  • The period of time you will be available.
  • If the internship is for course credit or associated with a college program, please list any specific requirements that are necessary to ensure that you receive full credit for your program (such as hours, area of focus or supervision).
The Human Resources Department will maintain your information and share it with interested managers. If a manager can utilize your skill set, a representative from the City will contact you.  We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in the City of Fremont.