Music & Movement Instructors

Adaku Davis
Cultural Drumming and Poetry classes

Adaku began performing in 1979 with San Jose’s Black
Theater Workshop and I am now a full time professional
performing artist and instructor.  As Percussionist and
Artistic Director for “Maiko Women’s Drum & Poetry Ensemble”
 Adaku strives to maintain the quality and direction of this
dynamic women’s group. Maiko blends the rhythms of African,
Latin and Brazilian drums and percussion instruments with
colorful and dramatic poetry.  Maiko delivers powerful messages
to educate, enlighten, encourage and empower their audiences
through entertainment and creativity.  Adaku plays and teaches
Tumba, Doumbek and Djembe drums, cowbells, ago go bells,
triangles, shekeres, cabasa, guiros and claves. 


Adaku Davis

Monicah Hanna
Zumba and Belly Dance Instructor

Monicah is a Zumba, Aqua, Afro-Belly Boogie and Belly Dance
Instructor for the City of Fremont, 24 Hour Fitness and Fitness
2000.  Before she started teaching, she was taking Belly Dancing
and attending Zumba classes as a way to reduce stress.  During
the last five years Monicah has performed with two different Belly
Dance troupes.  Monicah enjoys helping others reduce stress
through exercise and is certified in Group Exercise Instruction
with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.  She also
has certifications for Afro-Belly Boogie and CPR/AED and is
licensed to teach Zumba and Aqua Zumba.

Monicah Hanna