Environmental Sustainability Commission


  • Commission meets quarterly, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.  Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of the months of March, June, September, and December. Check agenda for any changes to the standard meeting time.
  • Development Services Center, Patterson or Niles Room (check agenda), 39550 Liberty Street
  • For meeting information call 510-494-4438

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings.
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Member Appointment Date Reappointment Date Term Expires
Student Representative
Shreya Ramachandran
Business Community
Paul Kelley
12/15/20 12/31/24
Development/Construction Industry
John Rennels
05/14/13 01/13/15

Environmental Organization
Richard Godfrey, Chair
05/14/13 01/03/17

Public At Large
Shiva Swaminathan, Vice Chair
05/14/13 01/13/15

Public At Large
Carolyn Obata
05/14/13 01/03/17


FUSD Representative
Nate Ivy
 04/11/18    **
**Ordinance No. 22-2017 – 'An amendment that would add an eighth member to the Environmental Sustainability Commission, who is a non-elected employee representative from the Fremont Unified School District, until such time as one of the three public at large members is no longer interested or eligible for continued service on the Commission wherein the commission’s membership will revert to a maximum of seven members.'


  • Rachel DiFranco, Sustainability Coordinator, Email, 510-494-4451


The commission shall act in an advisory capacity to the city council and shall have the following duties and responsibilities, functions, and objectives:
  • Advise the city council on emerging policy issues related to environmental sustainability.
  • Advise the city council on updates to the Climate Action Plan, and receive periodic progress reports from staff on meeting climate action goals.
  • Advise the city council on policy for recycling, source reduction, and waste diversion.
  • Assist the city with marketing, public education, outreach, and promotion activities in order to stimulate the greatest possible participation in sustainability efforts.
  • Provide a forum to receive public comment on environmental sustainability.
  • At the request of the city council, the environmental sustainability commission may perform other advisory functions not noted above/