Fremont Continues to Move Onward and Upward
1797 - The Fremont area was first settled when Spaniard Father Fermin de Lasuen founded Mission San Jose, the 14th California Mission – located about 15 miles northeast of the Pueblo of San Jose, near the foot of Mission Peak. Just something to think about next time you’re hiking up good ‘ole Mission Peak. 
Mission San Jose, the first known photographic image, by C.E. Watkins, 1853
Photograph by C. E. Watkins
1846 - John C. Frémont, our City’s namesake, mapped a trail through Mission Pass, providing American settlers access to the southeastern San Francisco Bay Area. Historians like to refer to him as The Great Pathfinder. 

- Washington Township was established, roping in the communities of Mission San Jose, Centerville, Niles, Irvington, and Warm Springs. For a few years, Washington Township was the political, social and cultural epicenter of the entire county.
Warm Springs Landing
Artwork by David Rumsey
1912 to 1916 – Fremont’s Niles district became the earliest home to California's motion picture industry. Charlie Chaplin filmed several movies in the Fremont area, most notably The Tramp. Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of slapstick humor?
The Tramp
1956 – Under the leadership of Wally Pond, five individual townships – Mission San Jose, Centerville, Niles, Irvington, and Warm Springs - came together to form our fair City of Fremont.
Wally Pond
1980s to the late 1990s – These years mark the boom in Fremont’s high-tech employment, especially in the Warm Springs District, linking us to the famous Silicon Valley brand name. After all, Apple’s first Mac computer manufacturing plant was located in Fremont. Plus, we attracted a whole slew of semiconductor and telecommunications firms too.
Apple Factory
1999 - Approximately 750 high tech companies opened their offices, headquarters or production facilities in Fremont by this time. These firms included 15 of the top 100 fastest-growing public companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yup, you can say it. We’re a little geeky.  
Business Jpg
2010 - Tesla Motors purchased the former NUMMI automobile plant. We’re proud to be home to the future of clean tech.
2012 – Fremont City Council gave the go-ahead for Fremont’s new Downtown Community Plan. We’re embracing our urban side!
2014 -  A new infographic is released showing Fremont’s role in the on-shoring of manufacturing.
artist rendering Downtown Fremont
American Manufacturing