Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review

Online Permit Requests

The City has implemented an online submittal process for all new permit requests using the City's public permitting portal, 
Citizen Access. The online submittal process should be used for all new permit requests including planning permitsbuilding/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permitsApplicants can submit their permit requests and upload their plans/drawings/calculations for plan review via Citizen Access. For more information, please visit the City's Online Permits webpage.

Electronic Plan Review (ePR) (Launching March 1, 2021)

Beginning March 1, 2021, all new requests for planning permitsbuilding/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permits will be processed through Electronic Plan Review (ePR). All requests already in process on March 1 are not required to conform to the ePR document requirements.

Electronic Plan Review Document Format Requirements
  • Applicants submitting electronic documents for review need to conform to specific formatting requirements.
  • The Electronic Plan Review Document Format Requirements can be found here: Fremont.gov/EPRDocumentRequirements.
  • Some of these requirements include: file drawing style; paper size; scale; file type; maximum file size; file content; file encryption; file naming; and page numbering.
  • Upon submittal, project documents will be reviewed for conformance with the Document Format Requirements. Plans/documents that do not conform to these requirements will need to be corrected before they can be processed.
Citizen Access Requirements
  • Beginning March 1, 2021, every applicant of a new permit request will need to have a Citizen Access account to access plan review comment letters and marked up plan sets.
  • To set up a Citizen Access account, applicants visit Fremont.gov/CitizenAccess and select "Register for Account" at the top right of the landing page.
  • For permit requests in-process before March 1, it is recommended that the applicant create a Citizen Access account and request the Team Lead to link the record to their account. The Team Lead will need the email address on the Citizen Access account and the record number that needs to be linked to it.
Online Submittal of Electronic Plan Review Requests
  1. Using Citizen Access, the applicant creates an account, logs in to their account, completes the Pre-Application form, and uploads their permit application, documents, plans/drawings, and calculations
  2. Plan review fees are calculated by City staff after reviewing the permit request. City staff notifies the applicant via email when fees are due. The applicant then logs in to their Citizen Access account, selects "My Record," and finds the record number listed under "My Records." To pay the fees due, the applicant selects "Pay Fees Due" at the far right of the record number. Fees can be paid using a Visa or MasterCard credit card ($5,000 limit). Electronic plan review begins after the fees are paid.
  3. The plan review process is performed electronically. The project is routed to the project team for review. When the review is complete, the applicant is notified via email to access the plan review comments and marked up plan sets in Citizen Access. The applicant logs into their account, selects "My Records," selects the record number under "My Records," selects "Record Info," and then selects "Documents" to access the plan review summary report, comment letter, and marked up plans. If additional review cycles are required, comments will be transmitted to the applicant via this same process.
  4. When the project is approved, the applicant will be notified via email and will access the approved documents in the record "Documents" tab in Citizen Access.