Monument at Old Presbyterian Cemetery


Monument at Old Presbyterian Cemetery
Bonde and Post Street


Ground for this cemetery was acquired by the church in 1855, and plots planned by John Horner in 1858. The monument features a reproduction of the old church, since destroyed by fire, and three tile murals done by local artist Nancy Pratt.

The tile piece shown depicts a variety of scenes from Fremont's early years, from Ohlone Indians, a padre at the old Mission Church and a number of historic buildings, including the Patterson house and the old Presbyterian Church itself. Pratt is self-taught and developed a watercolor technique that appears transparent yet shimmers with color. Other tile murals by Ms. Pratt may be found at the Centerville Presbyterian Church on Central Avenue, in the butterfly garden at Coyote Hills, and on the exterior wall of Haller Pharmacy facing Peralta Blvd.