Niles Train Sculpture

Mission at Mowry

This train sculpture, at 50% of scale and 120 feet long, is the longest and largest piece of public art in Fremont, and is located in front of Niles Station Apartments where Mowry Avenue ends at Mission Blvd. The brainchild of local resident and historian, Lila Bringhurst, the train sculpture came into being at the hands of Mario Chiodo, an Oakland artist.

Based on a picture of a 1907 train that traveled the Niles Canyon route, this sculpture was carved from wood and covered with polyester resin for a finished surface.

Mr. Chiodo is not new to Fremont; he created Harmony of Shape for Washington Hospital's shopping plaza on Paseo Padre Parkway at Mowry Avenue and Men at Work for Dale Hardware at 3700 Thornton Ave. The train sculpture is privately owned.