Financial Reports

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This 'Financial Reports' page is the only information on the City of Fremont’s website that is posted with the intention of reaching the investing public (bondholders, rating analysts, investment advisors, or any other members of the investment community).  The information posted on this 'Financial Reports' page speaks only as of its date.

Other than the specific information presented on this 'Financial Reports' page, no other information on the City’s website is intended to be the basis of or should be relied upon in making an investment decision.

Because each security issued by the City or its related entities may involve different sources of payment and security, please refer for additional information to the official statement and continuing disclosure filings for the particular security.

Please note:
Some of these files are large and may take time to download. If you are using a dial-up connection and are having difficulties with the download, please call (510) 494-4610 during normal business hours. You may also visit City Hall to view a copy of the document. 

Presentation at the Council Meeting

Budget Report

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Cash and Investment Report

Community Facilities District (CFD) Annual Reporting

      Fremont CFD No. 1 - Pacific Commons

      Fremont CFD No. 2 - Warm Springs Public Facilities

      Fremont CFD No. 3 - Warm Springs Public Services

Parcel Tax Annual Reporting