Fremont Skate Park

The Fremont Skate Park is approximately an acre in size, located adjacent to the Aqua Adventure Waterpark in Central Park on Paseo Padre ParkwayThumb-SkatePark.jpg

The park includes street course and bowl features, and too many other features to list. Check out the flyover on YouTube.

The Fremont Skate Park was designed by nationally acclaimed skate park designer Wormhoudt, Inc. See extensive pictures of the park on the City's Skate Park design page, and check out the designer's website at
Rules and Operating Hours
Skate Park opens from dawn to dusk or until 8 p.m.
Click here to view the Skate Park rules.

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Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy
We have teamed up with professional skateboarding legend, Jordan Richter, to provide a world class lesson and skateboarding camp program here at the Fremont Skatepark! Get ready to enjoy the freedom of rolling, turning, and catching air at the new Fremont Skatepark! group photo

With over 28 years of skateboarding experience, Jordan Richter has represented some of the world’s most prominent companies in the skateboarding industry. He has won countless international skateboarding contests and his signature skateboards are sold all over the world. Jordan is featured in numerous publications and videos, and has instructed skate camps/lessons throughout America and Europe, including Camp Woodward. Jordan is known for his multi-discipline ability and unorthodox style, and viewed by his peers as a pioneer in the craft, just ask Tony Hawk! Now, Jordan Richter wants to take his 28 years of experience in the skateboarding industry and pass it along to the residents of Fremont and the world, with a focus on enriching and inspiring young people while fostering the love of skateboarding.

The Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy (JRSA) provides a holistic approach to learning the basic fundamentals of skateboarding. Our methods of teaching work to create a strong foundation of skills and confidence, which give each rider a safe and positive skateboarding experience! Challenging and exciting lesson plans make learning to skateboard fun, safe and easy. Each plan is tailored to fit the appropriate level; whether your a beginner or expert rider.

JRSA Summer Camps
  • Ages 6 & up
  • 1:7 Instructor/Student Ratio
Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy (JRSA) Summer Camps provide expert guidance for beginner and intermediate riders, in a safe and fun-filled environment. This is a great opportunity to blend the experience of a summer camp with our world-class facility and instructors at the beautiful Central Park - Lake Elizabeth! Our skate camps encourage friendship, communication, laughter, skill development and personal growth. All campers will improve their skateboarding abilities by learning new maneuvers, conquering physical/mental challenges, and taking calculated risk under the supervision of experienced-certified instructors. Each week campers will receive special prizes and guest appearances from local skate pros! JRSA Camp's unique and varied programming ensures that all campers have the experience of a assured, there is never a dull moment at skate camp, so pad up and get on over to the park!

Private Lessons
  • Ages 6 & up
  • 1:1 Instructor/Student Ratio
All levels of ability can benefit from these private sessions. From beginner to experienced riders, JRSA private lessons hone in on your skill-set(s), develop it under professional guidance and help take your skating to a whole new level! The JRSA beginner, intermediate and advanced private lesson plans are completely customized to help aspiring skaters reach their maximum potential.

For more information about the Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy Camps and Lessons, including dates/times/fees, and general information, visit or call us at 510.790.5546.