Request for Information

Get what you need from your Home or Office
The City has a variety of ways to provide you information or records without having to make a visit to our office. Most records can be sent to you electronically by email. To receive what you need, you may contact us by phone (510-494-4700), by email, or you may actually find what you are looking for from our website. Most requests by phone and email are fulfilled within one business day.

Types of Records and Information Available
Category Types of Documents How to Receive Info
Drawings Street Improvement Plans, Construction Drawings phone, email, web*
Flood Zone Flood Zone Maps, Elevation Certificates, Letters of Map Change phone, email, web*
Permits Application Forms and Instructions phone, email, web
Property lines Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Aerial Photos phone, email
Seismic Data Fault Trace Maps, Property Info phone, email, web*
Standards Standard Construction Details and Specifications phone, email, web
Survey Benchmark Info, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps phone, email, web*
Utilities Storm Drain, Sewer, Water phone, email
*see "Interactive Online Map" below for more info

Requests by phone or email
Call 510-494-4700 for requests by phone. Click this email link to send a request by email.
Please provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Phone number (in case we have questions about your request)
  • Email address (where we can send electronic files to)
  • A description of your request
Interactive Online Map
The City's Geographic Information System (GIS) Department maintains an interactive map that will allow you to view and download information. Click this link to access the map.
The map consists of three panels: an information panel on the left of the screen, a layer panel in the center, and the actual map on the right. Finding information usually involves checking the correct box in the layer panel and zooming to the area or property of interest in the map panel. Downloadable files will normally appear in the information panel. The following is a guide on which layer to select for the type of information desired:

Looking for Layer
Drawings for City Roadway Projects Engineering >>> CIP Projects
Flood Zone Info FEMA Flood Information >>> Elevation Certificates, Letter of Map Change, Flood Zones
Seismic Info Seismic Hazard Zones >>> Earthquake Induced Landslide, Earthquake Induced Liquefaction, Earthquake Fault Trace
Survey Benchmark Records Engineering >>> Survey Control

Notes about elevation information
  1. Contours on the GIS interactive map are on the NAVD88 datum
  2. City benchmark records are on the NGVD29 datum (unless otherwise stated on the record)
  3. Conversion: NAVD88 = NGVD29 + 2.75'
  4. (FEMA Base Flood Elevations use the conversion: NAVD88 = NGVD29 + 2.76')
  5. Elevations on design, grading, or improvement plans should match benchmark datums