Ceremonial Document Request

The Mayor and City Council are always pleased to learn about the accomplishments, contributions, and milestones of Fremont residents and community organizations/businesses. From time to time, the Mayor will recognize extraordinary Fremont residents and community members through letters, certificates, proclamations, and adjournments. Instructions for requesting these forms of recognition are below.

All requests should be made by community members in the City of Fremont, organizations or businesses physically located in Fremont, or organizations whose primary mission is to provide some service to Fremont residents. The Office of the Mayor reserves the right to decline or modify requests and make exceptions to any of the following guidelines.

The City receives many requests for ceremonial items from various entities and residents. These types of requests are awarded at the discretion of the Mayor. Please submit your request no later than three weeks before your requested/required date to provide staff with adequate time to approve and prepare the ceremonial document. The following is a brief explanation of the various types of requests and criteria:

Ceremonial Resolution

Purpose: Official decree awarded for exemplary service to the City of Fremont.

Awarded to: Local resident; organization; business; dignitaries; Committee/Commission/Board members; individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the community; City staff (20+years of service or retiring/leaving with at least 5 years of service); retiring public servants; non-profit corporations; sports teams or individuals who have won state, regional or national titles; acts of heroism as defined by police, fire, etc.; persons who deserve a commendation for their community contribution; significant anniversary or birthday; member of U.S. Armed Forces who has provided special service; to name a few examples.

Questions related to Ceremonial Resolutions may be directed to the City Clerk’s Office (510) 284-4060 or cclerk@fremont.gov.


Purpose:  Generally, proclaims certain periods of time (days, weeks, or months) in honor of an event or activity. Civic celebrations; organizations contributing to the economic development of the City; issues with widespread community interest with a primary emphasis on requests in support of City Council’s goals and objectives; significant community based events; significant anniversaries of City of Fremont based institutions, corporations, community partners, and non-profit organizations; fundraisers benefiting the citizens of Fremont (e.g., American Red Cross Month, Bike to Work/School Day, Arbor/Earth Day, Ducks for Buck$).

Questions related to Proclamations may be directed to the City Clerk’s Office (510) 284-4060 or cclerk@fremont.gov.

Certificate of Recognition or Appreciation

Purpose: To express recognition or appreciation for exemplary service rendered to the City of Fremont when resolutions, proclamations, etc. are not appropriate due to number of persons or the fact that some individuals have already received commendations (e.g., FUSD retiring teachers, Elks Lodge, Fire, Police, and Honorees).

Awarded to: Individuals or groups

Questions related to Certificates may be directed to the City Clerk’s Office (510) 284-4060 or cclerk@fremont.gov.

Special Presentations at City Council Meeting

Purpose: To receive any type of the above types of recognitions during a City Council meeting, or to present the City with an award (e.g. recognition).

Questions related to Special Presentations may be directed to the City Clerk’s Office (510) 284-4060 or cclerk@fremont.gov.

After reviewing the criteria above, complete the Recognition Request Form below and click on the submit button: