Tri City Travel Training Program

Travel Training Workshops & Specialized Training's

Travel Training provides seniors and people with disabilities the skills,knowledge and confidence needed to ride public transportation. Workshops include classroom instruction and outings on buses and BART. Small Group and one-on-one specialized training's are available. Training's cover accessibility of transit, trip planning skills, safety information and tips, fare information, and how to use a clipper card. Travel training can increase a person’s independence and increase access to community resources.

Travel Training Workshops are held monthly at the Fremont Senior Center and every two months at the Ruggieri Senior Center in Union City.

To find out about upcoming travel training's or to schedule a small group or one-on-one training please call 510-574-2053.

Programs funded by Alameda CTC through Measure B and Measure BB sales tax.

Transit Adventure Program

The Transit Adventure Program is a fun way to learn more about riding public transportation by enjoying group outings around the bay area. TAP is open to Tri City Seniors who have taken completed Travel Training.

For more information please call: 510-574-2033.