Vehicle Registration Fee

Vehicle Registration Fee
The Measure F Alameda County Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) Program was approved by the voters in November 2010, with 63 percent of the vote. The fee will generate about $10.7 million per year through a $10 per year vehicle registration fee. The collection of the $10 per year vehicle registration fee started in the first week of May 2011.
The goal of the VRF program is to sustain the County’s transportation network and reduce traffic congestion and vehicle related pollution. The program includes four categories of projects:
  • Local Road Improvement and Repair Program (60 percent)
  • Transit for Congestion Relief (25 percent)
  • Local Transportation Technology (10 percent)
  • Pedestrian and Bicyclist Access and Safety Program (5 percent)
The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) will distribute an equitable share of the funds among the four planning areas of Alameda County over successive five year cycles. Geographic equity will be measured by a formula, weighted 50 percent by population of the planning area and 50 percent of registered vehicles of the planning area. Currently, Fremont receives approximately one million dollars per year. This amount will grow by approximately two percent per year.

Vehicle Registration Fee Projects

The City of Fremont Measure F funded projects that have recently been completed, are currently ongoing, or are planned for construction or implementation include:
  • Pavement Maintenance Project – This is an annual project that maintains the City roadway network by applying surface treatments on existing streets, thereby slowing down the natural deterioration of the pavement, restoring and protecting the pavement surface and extending the useful life of the pavement.
  • Pavement Rehabilitation Project – This is an annual project that repairs failed pavement areas and resurfaces worn pavement to full serviceability. In addition, street intersections are upgraded with new curb ramps that meet current ADA requirements and curbs that have been damaged by street trees are repaired.