Transportation Emissions

Cars, trucks, buses, trains, motorcycles, scooters, e-bikes, bicycles all provide ways for people to move. And how people choose to get around matters. Transportation is the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Fremont, accounting for nearly 60% of community emissions.

Fremont residents can reduce their personal transportation emissions by purchasing and using low or no emissions vehicles, choosing active transportation options (like walking or biking), using public transportation regularly, carpooling, and telecommuting. Resources for these efforts can be found in the links to the left.

In accordance with its climate action goals, the City of Fremont is incorporating sustainability into its land use policies and planning efforts with a focus on transit-oriented development, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Find out more about Fremont’s pedestrian, bike, and Complete Street pro-grams and improvements by visiting the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program page.