Aqua Adventure Water Park

The Aqua Adventure Water Park opened for business on May 23, 2009. Season passes and group reservations are now available.

In 2001, the City Council approved a project to utilize the site of the Puerto Penasco Swim Lagoon into a modern, family-oriented water play facility that would serve both the residents of Fremont as well as the surrounding region. The Family Water Play Facility (also known as the Water Park) is proposed to be developed on approximately four of the seven acres of the site, which provided water-oriented recreation to the citizens of Fremont for 32 years until it was closed in 2001. The Water Park is designed to provide a wide-range of interactive water-based activities and experiences, for people of all ages. The Water Park is focused on family fun, and, in addition to the many water-oriented activities, will provide picnic areas for small and large groups wishing to enjoy celebrations of family events, company get-togethers, and similar activities.

The mural below, located in the Water Park, is titled, "Sous la Mer Joie de Vie" (Under the water life is Joy), by John Pugh. 
Water Park Mural

Aerial view of the Water Park