Nature Learning Center Improvements

The Nature Learning Center Improvements was completed in 2013. Site improvements at the Nature Learning Center included approximately 7,000 square feet of landscape enhancements including planting and hardscape; an enhanced entry landscape including a decorative building sign to identify the Nature Learning Center; and the following outdoor amenities to support the Nature Learning Center’s activities and programs:
  • California native sun and shade gardens
  • Butterfly garden to the northeast of the building; garden benches
  • Birdbath or focal element for butterfly garden
  • Plant identification signage
  • Two accessible raised planter beds
  • Modular greenhouse
  • Compost area with compost bins and worm bin
  • Two recycled rain barrels with stands for rooftop water collection
  • Multiple recycled and rehabilitated picnic tables
  • Open mulched area for tent setup program
  • Storage shed
  • Outdoor classroom/amphitheater
  • ADA accessible surface from recycled brick pavers

The project was made possible by a donation from the Thomas F. Faria Living Trust, which funds projects that will provide long-term benefits to the community. Mr. Faria was an active user of Central Park and walked the lake at least two times a week. It is the wishes of the estate to quietly donate money for the betterment of the community.