Tri City Taxi Voucher Program

The Tri-City Taxi Voucher Program provides subsidized taxi rides to help seniors and people with disabilities with same-day transportation needs.

In order to be eligible for the Tri-City Taxi voucher Program, you must be a Fremont, Newark or Union City Resident, AND  be at least 80 years of age OR be unable to use public transit because of a disability.  Enrolled participants can purchase taxi vouchers for $4 per voucher. Each voucher subsidizes up to $16 of taxi meter fare. Only 1 voucher can be used per one-way trip. Riders are responsible for any fare beyond the $16 voucher subsidy and for tipping the driver. Program participants are able to purchase a maximum of 20 taxi vouchers per month. Voucher allotments may be reduced at any time due to project funding availability. 

Taxi voucher must be used with the designated taxi companies that are contracted to provide this service. You must call the designated taxi service number to request a ride. You can call and request a taxi to come as soon as possible, and the vehicle will arrive within 45 minutes, or you can call ahead with a specific time order request. 

Please call 510-574-2053 for more information about the taxi service. If you are not yet enrolled in the taxi voucher program, you can start by filling out a Tri-City Taxi Voucher Application

Program Funding

Programs funded by Alameda CTC  through Measure B and Measure BB sales tax.

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