Fremont BART Benches

The Fremont Bay Area Rapid Transit station, located at  the end of BART Way off Civic Center Drive between Mowry and Walnut, is home to this colorful geometric tile work, created and installed on existing concrete benches by artist Joe Kievitt of Portland, Maine.  

This artwork consists of approximately 855 square feet of hand-cut glass tile mosaic installed by the artist on the walls, columns and roof undersides of six already existing concrete seating areas flanking the entry steps at the front of the station. The geometric patterns and colors of the design were inspired by the beautiful basketry work of the indigenous Native Americans tribes who once lived in the Fremont area. The colors and textures of the glass tiles appears to change as the benches are viewed from various angles and under a variety of lighting conditions, transforming the ordinary concrete benches into an entryway to the station, complimenting the station architecture and surrounding landscape, and providing a welcoming place for passengers to rest while waiting to be picked up at the end of their trips. 

Photo by James Sakane